Collection: Our Bags

The perfect bag can complete an outfit and stay with your on life's journey. Our bags are the perfect companion, timeless and made to last.

Made for adventures; cool by day, naughty by night.


Made to last, our bags will develop a natural patina the more they’re carried.  

We choose leathers that break in beautifully over time.  Scratches, creases and darkening are to be expected.  Imperfections should be celebrated.  

Our bags are natural and unlined.  Any markings on the interior are from our tanneries and make them even more unique. Celebrate them.

How you carry your bag is how it’ll age, making every bag unique.  We want your bag to last, just a little bagtherapy and love is required. But there’s some tips that will keep you and your bag happy:  Use a quality leather protecter - we recommend / Store your bag away from direct sunlight as this can cause fading / When you can store your bag in a dust bag to avoid scratches / Wet leather requires extra care, so if rain is forecast do not dry on radiators as it can cause leather to crack. Remember to take a brolly.

Solid Brass Hardware

All our metal fixtures and fittings are made from solid brass and here in the UK, over time like your leather and you, will age beautifully.